Gearbox Stuffed

Position N61,32.2 x W016,11. Wind SW F3 and fading out.

We have had a lovely sail this afternoon but the wind eventually died off. I started the engine but there was no thrust from the gearbox. I checked with Jim at Dunstaffnage and he thinks the cones must be worn out. With a blast of throttle it does eventually pick up but it is getting worse and I suspect we will have no engine power soon. The weather ahead isn’t too great with east and southeast gales forecast as the deep low passes through. We will plug on but once again St Kilda is looking unlikely.

Sent at 16:58 GMT 9th August

2 responses to “Gearbox Stuffed”

  1. Al, real sod about the gearbox and St Kilda. Fingers crossed that depression doesnt get to close. Good luck to captain and crew. John

  2. Hello all, Sorry about gearbox not sounding too great, probably not much can be done as tends to be a case of when they are gone they’re gone. Although if you have long flat days of bored calmness you could strip the gearbox and jam/mangle the cones into permanent drive and re-assemble. Not straightforward but would pass time and provide entertainment.
    Seriously, anything I can do to help when you get back to Scotland just call/email.
    All the best and good Luck. Dan

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