St Kilda 2021 Part One – Oban to Barra

Log 10360 My friend Ray applied to work on the remote island of St Kilda when he was just 17 year old. He never got a reply, and although he still holds a slight grudge, it didn’t mean his interest in the islands would wane. He has watched all the old film clips and read […]

Blog Update

There’s a new post “Stretched Limos” that appears before “Land Ahoy” but I’ve only just posted it. The email got lost in the spam filter. I’ve put it in the right sequence, otherwise it will look if Alasdair is going backwards – although I guess that’s always possible! Gerry

“Land Ahoy”

Position N56,41 x W006,41 Wind F4 Westerly rather unstable. Now we are sailing downwind through the Sea of theHebrides with Coll on our starboard bow. We hit some rough seas as the depth dropped from 1000m to about 100m but it is more peaceful now except for the occasional viscous squall which drives through with […]

Stretched Limos

Position N57,26 x W010,02  Wind force 6 southerly. Now we are under reefed staysail and two reefs in the main. She is in the groove banking a bit of south which may be useful if the wind veers at all. It is getting rather rough. Now I need to pump the bilge. It takes about […]


Position N57,59 x W011. Wind force 5 – 6 South easterly. Last night we had pasta with reindeer meat balls. At least we hope they were reindeer meat balls and not reindeers balls. Come to think of it the reindeer on the can did have a surprised expression on his face. As the journey nears […]

No fulmars even!

We picked up one ship “Italian Reefer” on the AIS passing about 6 miles away and have seen one aeroplane trail in the sky but otherwise it is pretty empty. No fulmars even! Our track is slightly south of course so we don’t get stopped by the lumpy sea. The reefs are still in but […]

Nothing Remarkable

Position N59,48 x W013,12. Wind easterly force 5 Still making progress into a boisterous sea. We recorded our first ship passing 8 miles away but never saw it. Long dark nights now. Gales still forecast near landfall time and with no gearbox we may hove too at sea for a day or so or make […]

Rough Ride

Position N60,50 x W014,53. Force 6-7 easterly It is pretty uncomfortable now with two deep reefs and a reefed yankee. The waves are around 10ft and occasionally breaking over the yacht but the sun is popping out between the clouds so it is an attractive view. This weather is set to continue until tomorrow afternoon […]

Gearbox Stuffed

Position N61,32.2 x W016,11. Wind SW F3 and fading out. We have had a lovely sail this afternoon but the wind eventually died off. I started the engine but there was no thrust from the gearbox. I checked with Jim at Dunstaffnage and he thinks the cones must be worn out. With a blast of […]

So far, so good!

Position N62,01.386 x W017,04.007. Wind SW Force 3. Sunny At last we were able to turn off the engine and hoist the genoa. We have been making 4 kn in the right direction through the night with 361 nm left to go before getting to St Kilda. Yesterday afternoon the topping lift chafed through and […]