North West Passage – Day 5 – Resolute

8th August 2023 – Resolute Bay

We spent our evening in Iqaluit enjoying fish and chips (and poutine) in the Store Inn. It was washed down with a couple of pints or rather fine red ale. We walked it off by climbing the gentle hill overlooking the “city”. This is where we discovered the need for mosquito repellents or nets. We were attacked by the beasties. This meant we needed to keep the hotel room window closed resulting in a super heated room. The cry ” I’m too hot” was becoming a familiar call on this Arctic venture, which was certainly not to be expected.

Integrity anchored in Allen Bay

Well, we have now arrived at Resolute Bay airport and the temperature is at least cooler now. [Our flight was almost diverted due to low cloud in Resolute, luckily the pilot decided to land in any case] Will and the outgoing crew were there to meet us with tales of very high adventure indeed. Somehow Will had persuaded the local Canadian Mounted Police to give us a lift to where “Integrity” was sheltering from the potential of being entrapped by ice.

What a ride that was!

The boat was several miles from the airport tucked into a little bay protected by May Island. 9/10ths ice in the straights and forecast of strong southerly winds mean we will be sheltering here for some while but there is work to do, and plenty of it. We hope to get away on Friday. Our anchor spot is very remote so there may not be any news for a while.

Ice chart showing Peel Sound blocked.

The ice charts are showing the passage south from Resolute to be blocked. There is also a southerly wind due to kick in which may make the anchorage exposed to drifting ice.

I gott looks like the forward passage could be tricky. We may need to transit the Bellot Straight with 9 knot currents.

Allen Bay protected by May Island. There are a few shallow patches but enough space to find shelter. Resolute is a stiff walk away.
Although after a week or so we were in need of a shower and very grateful to be allowed one although the price was a bit of a shock! Atco run every thing up here, from refueling aircraft to explorers inns. It is amazing how a lawnmower firm can diversify!

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