Three Forts Challenge Half Marathon

30th April 2023

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The Team after the race, and that includes Tilman the Parson Russell Terrier

It is called “The Tough One” but, to be really tough, you would need to enter the full marathon rather than the slightly wimpy half version that we opted for. It is without doubt a very hilly trail run but the hills are not quite as grueling as the Steyning Stinger, so I suspect it could be a slightly quicker run. The route is just fantastic with gorgeous views over the downs.

Anthony flew around in 1 hour 52 minutes which coincidentally was exactly the same time as the last time he ran the course. My time was a rather appalling 2 hours 38 minutes 19 seconds but this year I was just grateful to get around without the assistance of a St John’s ambulance. I normally train fairly hard prior to a half marathon but I had just returned from three weeks of solid graft on my boat. With our camper van locked into the boat yard, we were only able to buy food from the local village store so my diet was basically brightly coloured cheese or processed slices of meat served on soft hot dog rolls and supplemented with a bag or crisps. I dread to think what that did to my health.

On returning to London, I managed just one session at the Military Outdoor Fitness running club before the race, plus a short run to Greenwich and back. Hardly enough training for a hilly trail run. So although my appalling time would normally cheese me off, I wasn’t too upset about it under the circumstances. The last time I ran the course I finished in 1 hour 58 minutes, so it was 40 minutes slower!

Credit to Sussex Sports Photography.

Grit ran with the woofer with great success. Tilman behaved himself and generally ran alongside Grit. The good news is that Tilman is now knackered so we can have a nice quiet night!

Right now Tilman seems to have fallen asleep on my leg!

A big thanks to the Race Organisers who made the event such a success. And a very special thanks to whoever baked all those yummy cakes!

Afterwards, despite scoffing several cakes, we drove to nearby Finden to treat ourselves to an excellent Sunday roast lunch at The Village House on the recommendation of one of the friendly marshals. Good tip!

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