Marlow Half Marathon 2022

6th November 2022

After the finish!

This wasn’t going to be an easy race for me. We had been gallivanting in the West Country and then we popped over to Ireland for a few days. No time for running, but we did manage to “Carb Up” the evening before. Not too sure if that counts as training.

Grit wisely decided to opt for the 7 mile route but I thought I would try to tackle the half marathon although I was feeling uncertain whether I would finish it.

Running towards the finish line, very grateful to have made it.

As it happens, it wasn’t too bad. My time was very slow at 2 hr 18 min 09 sec but that didn’t matter, at least I made it. Liam had whizzed around as usual and wisely didn’t hang around for me to finish. I’ve added my time to the chart below. It looks like I can continue to finish within the 180 minute time limit until about the year 2040. I somehow doubt it!

Afterwards we enjoyed an excellent lunch with my sister who lives nearby. We were joined by my nephew Alex, so it was a nice family social occasion.

A big thank you to the race organisers and all the volunteer marshals, plus of course my sister for lunch.

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