Vertue Yachts Website

This is a great website run by Roger Robinson to provide information about Vertue Yachts. Not to be confused with the old Vertue Owners Association website which was successfully run by Mathew Powers for many years. is more archival with loads of technical information but there are also regular newsletters which are worth signing up for, assuming you are interested in these splendid little yachts.

Roger is also keen to post stories about adventures in Vertues and in the last newsletter he described Mea’s amazing voyage around Britain. I contributed a piece for the latest newsletter about my recent failed attempt to get to Scoresby Sund. I’m afraid I waffled on a bit, but there may be someone out there willing to plough through it! You can find the newsletter here.

There seems to be a rather disturbing number of Vertues for sale, I hope buyers can be found to cherish these lovely boats.

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