Sat Phone update…

Received Saturday 13th August at 08.47 GMT

Day 64 Scoresby Sund Expedition

Position: 62.49N x 09.0W
Speed 3.3 kn,
Course 165 M
Weather: Much calmer now.
Force 3 SW

The Magnetic Attraction of the Faroes

It seems Sumara just wants to go there! The last two days have been pretty awful bashing into steep seas with strong headwinds and cold to boot. The leeway has been excessive as the little ship has been tumbling off the breaking waves so, combined with the wind direction, we keep tracking towards the Faroes. We shall resist as Scotland is our desired target. I’ve promissed Ray white pudding and I hope to fulfill it. All the reefs have been shaken out and soon I will hoist the genoa as the wind keeps dropping off. Today is the first day sailing without wearing woollen mittens although two pairs of merinos and a wool pullover are still needed. Looking forward to some warmth. Hoping to arrive in Scotland on  Tuesday.


4 responses to “Sat Phone update…”

  1. Huzzah!
    Plenty of heat in Kernow – will send it north for your arrival on Tuesday.
    Hold Fast Crew. x

  2. Wow – you’ve had some weather!!
    Hope it calms down and you get to take your gansies off soon and get some warmth!
    Jackie x

  3. Been off the grid last few days so only just catching up. Hoping so very much things are warming up for you and Scotland comes into sight and landfall is when and where desired. X

    1. Just moored up in Stornoway. Waiting three hours, so far, to try to clear customs. Ray is desperate for a greasy breakfast!

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