A Short Video from Husavik, North Iceland

Scoresby Sund Expedition 2022

Day 48. 28th July 2022

Position: Still Moored Husavik, Iceland

Weather: It was a bit grim, windy and raining yesterday but the sun is out now, yippee!

Ice: Improving. Hopefully the next chart will show the settlement virtually clear of ice

Here is a short slightly out of focus video from Sumara’s cockpit with a lot of wind noise. Must try harder next time!


We visited some Icelandic waterfalls. I get them muddled up but it was either Godafoss or Dettifoss! They are all pretty impressive.

The featured image shows just a snap of the weird landscapes to be found all around Iceland.

2 responses to “A Short Video from Husavik, North Iceland”

  1. Great to read and see photo of your touristy day off. Was worried in case you had gone clothes shopping!! Have a friend who is up in Iceland now paddling over those sane waterfalls. Insane….

    (This was written at 40,000ft as we fly back over the Black Sea.)

    1. An extra pair of wooly socks will be all I’ll be needing. Your friend must be mad to paddle over those waterfalls!

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