Waiting for the weather to deteriorate!

Scoresby Sund Expedition 2022

Day 20. 1st July 2022

Position: Moored Ullapool

Wind: Southerly F3 Visibility: Good. Sea condition: Calm

This afternoon I shall “climb” Ullapool Hill where Tilman, our dog, made his very first ascent.

I’m enjoying my time in Ullapool although I would have set sail by now to make use of the lovely southerly wind. Jannicke arrives tomorrow late afternoon and I am still planning to set off early on Sunday morning, but the final decision will be made later on Saturday as the weather pattern keeps changing. Right now, it looks like at least some of the trip will be bashing into fairly strong headwinds before things are due to settle down and the wind eventually swings back to the south.

There are plenty of things to rest your eyes on in Ullapool Harbour
There are some characterful fishing boats up here with beautiful lines.
Tim was so taken by them that he has bought one!

Sumara is in fine fettle, probably better than she has ever been. I made new standing and running rigging earlier this year, the engine is virtually new, and she has new teak decks. I had a slight surprise that there were a couple of very small holes in the mainsail and some frayed stitching. We also broke a sail slide on the way up. I’ve repaired the sail and a new slide is on its way with Jannicke.

I can’t get my external sat phone aerial to work. I’m not sure why but I will continue to investigate. Using the sat phone outside is not a great idea in bad weather. We will have to cope if necessary.

Checking what was in the cupboard and marking them with a Sharpie.
All back in place, marked on top to save time and just in case the labels get washed off. Don’t worry Jannicke, there will be fresh food too!

Provisioning is tricky. I have hidden away some cans of curry etc ready for the Greenland leg. It is frowned upon to provision in the very small settlement in Scoresby Sund as they only get a few deliveries a year. I’ll need to finally stock up in Iceland. In the meantime, we only need enough food for a few days at sea. I’ll buy all the fresh stuff tomorrow.

I rowed ashore yesterday to be greeted by a bevy of school children playing in the water by the slipway. It was the end of term, and they were having fun climbing aboard my little dinghy. I had my first shower since Oban in Dan and Charlotte’s house – thanks for that!  I was chatting with Charlotte when I returned to the dinghy and a chap waved from a big black car. Charlotte waved back and said, “I’ve no idea who that was!” It transpires that it was Patrick who was the Harbour Master at South Dock Marina and he was waving at me! What a small world this is.

From now on things will hot up. We are due to sail from Iceland around 23rd July and I have to get there first.

2 responses to “Waiting for the weather to deteriorate!”

  1. If you’ll wait a couple of days (ok, maybe three…) I might be able to send you your beautiful “old” main, or my ‘vintage’ tainted one to complete the twinning!
    Sumara looks gorgeous, I don’t think those waters see many yachts like her…

    1. No rush with the sail. At least I hope I wont need it! You must be nearly there now. An amazing achievement – well done!

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