I’ve got some positive news….

Scoresby Sund Expedition 2022

Day 7. Friday 17th June 2022

Position: Still in Dunstaffnage

Weather: Wet and windy morning but now the sun is breaking through

Even Tilman looks fed up!

….but, it’s not good news.

I suppose it was inevitable, but I have just tested positive for COVID and I’m beginning to feel not so good. Having said that, I don’t currently feel too bad either. It massively complicates matters as I had just arranged a new crew member and we were planning to set off on Sunday. The weather was looking good at least for the first few days and my new crew had even managed to borrow a mooring in Portree! I was getting very excited.

Now I confess I am feeling rather deflated. I’m not totally sure what is the next best course of action. Grit and Tilman are driving back to London early in the morning. The concept of lying on my bunk for 5 days has very little appeal.

What else can possibly go wrong!

4 responses to “I’ve got some positive news….”

  1. Testing positive now, is positive!
    You get the nuisance lurgy outta the way before you leave mainland UK.
    We reckon you could ‘self isolate’ next to Old Man Thames – cram a few more beetroot shots into your system, recuperate and head back up in the knowledge that you should be able to remain Covid free for your adventure.
    Get well soon,
    Halcyon Oak & Crew xx

    1. Thanks Jo, you always look on the bright side! Apparently 1in 30 have COVID in Scotland, so I’m not alone. Feeling pretty good right now but I suspect it will hit me tomorrow, but maybe not. The sun has come out, so that’s good. Hope to are enjoying the heat wave down on the south coast. Alasdair

  2. Oh no!
    Three comments Alisdair:
    1) I’m sure you will get out of covid better and sooner in Sumara than going back home with all the travelling and frustration. At least give it a go, you will be still in te to cancel the thing later.any people have mild symptoms and a few days later they are fully recovered, and.more motivated than ever.
    2) Better now than.later: you won’t have to worry about covid for the entire duration of the expedition.
    3) Of course there are plenty of things that could go wrong, but they won’t and with some flexibility and adaptation you will be able to achieve your goals,.I’m sure

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Matteo, Going home wasn’t really on the cards! My worry was (is) losing the weather window to get to Ullapool for my next crew change but I’m sure I can catch up somehow. Right now (06:41 Saturday) I feel fine, maybe a slight sore throat but very marginal. I’ll take it easy today and see how it goes. How’s Lerwick?!

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