Would you believe it!

Scoresby Sund Expedition 2022

Day 5. 15th June 2022

Position: Dunstaffnage

Dry and sunny – so far but those clouds tell a different story!

All dressed up and now where to go!

After living through a couple of years of Covid ravished London, after travelling on the packed tube trains, after enjoying meals in busy London pubs and after shopping in crowded supermarkets, Grit eventually succumbs to the dreaded lurgy and is lying flat out on the Good Ship. How weird that she catches it while enjoying the windy delights of staying on Sumara in a pub-less marina. Luckily, I am testing clear – so far!

This adds to the logistical fun-and-games as my original first leg crew is still unwell having caught some Egyptian virus collected on his recent holiday. If you really want to see the Pharaohs, it’s probably safest to visit the Faroes, although that can be a bit hairy sometimes. We eventually decided it would be best that he pulls out at this stage while there is still the opportunity to recruit a replacement.

So, the feeling of foreboding is still hanging on in there, but things aren’t all doom and gloom.

Phil the Electrician has just said he may be up for a sail to Ullapool if he can clear a way through his work commitments. The weather is looking quite do-able next week, so long as it doesn’t change its mind. The boat is virtually ready to go. To be honest there is always something else to do, but some jobs can just wait. Sailing trumps all.

The really good thing is my eagerness is returning, I’m beginning to look forward to casting off and getting underway which is a very nice feeling indeed!

Technical Stuff

Ice Chart as a GIF

Gerry has just sent me this very readable GIF of an ice chart for Scoresby Sund. The sat phone will only accept attachments under 50 mb which is pretty small. Our original attempts resulted in some data being really hard to read. It would be unfortunate to think the ice coverage was 1/10 when it was actually 7/10.

Gerry used GIMP to produce this image and I think it is a triumph. Another task ticked off the list! Thanks Gerry.

3 responses to “Would you believe it!”

  1. Get well soon Grit! x

    Any tips on how to interpret those ice charts Alasdair?

    1. Hi Jo,
      I’ve passed on your wishes to Grit who is still flat out but comforted by Tilman lying flat out next to her.
      As for the ice charts, there is an instruction sheet in the download section of this website. It is called “Idiot Sheet Number 11 – Ice Chart Interpretation. I don’t think I’m clever enough to put in a link but you could try pasting the following bit in the box. https://sumaraofweymouth.co.uk/download-category/instructions/
      Hope all is well with your plans. Alasdair

  2. We are following you Alasdair! Keep us updated with your amazing trip.
    Fair winds and following seas (and I should add little rain and a decent temperature…)

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