Marlow Half Marathon 2021

Liam and myself after the run

This race has become a bit of a ritual for me and only partly due to the fact that my sister lives in Marlow and treats us to a calorie busting and cholesterol loaded lunch after the run – and she looks after the dog!

But the race itself is wonderfully organised and takes you through lovely undulating lanes through the local countryside. It is virtually all tarmac roads, so trainers are fine.

Going like a steam train, more like a steam iron. Photo credit:
Garmin Fenix Screenshot

I was actually reading the race instructions, not the kind of detailed thing I normally do, when I spotted that the time limit to complete the race is three hours. Fair enough, there are a lot of wonderful volunteer marshals who need to get their Sunday lunch too. As I am knocking on a bit, I wondered when my time would come when I couldn’t finish the race within the 180 minute allotted time. As I have run the Marlow Half a few times I thought I would sketch out a graph with the statistics and see when the trendline crossed the 180 minute deadline. As I couldn’t find any graph paper, Excel became my friend.

My results graph with minutes up the side and years along the base

And the good news for me, but maybe bad news for my sister, is that unless something dastardly happens, I should be able to continue completing the race within the time until I am 111 years old. Mind you, don’t press the exponential trendline button as that doesn’t look so good. Only time will tell!


  • Entry Cost: £35.00
  • There is an option to run 7 miles with a cheaper entry fee
  • Very well organised by Marlow Striders
  • Dave the Disco provides the commentary
  • My 2021 time was 2 hours and 4 minutes (AG 61%)
  • There were 503 finishers
  • Chip timing by

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