Crowborough in the Van

31st October 2021

We wanted to go for an autumnal long-distance walk but it seemed diabolically difficult to get any Bed and Breakfast accommodation so we decided to just get out of town in the camper van. As we didn’t want to spend our precious little time driving for too long, we decided to book a spot at the Crowborough Camping Site. Strangely, for a weekend with torrential rain forecast, the site was fully booked for the Friday but had a space for the Saturday. We had to book Sunday too as there was a minimum two night policy at weekends. It transpired that the site closes for the winter on the Monday 1st November and they had a block booking from a motorhome group.

We stopped off at Crowborough town to get fleeced in Waitrose buying our evening meal and snacks for the Sunday – OK plus some beers and a bottle of wine, but really £71.00! We then had a stroll around town to get a bite for lunch. The town was strangely devoid of cafes, but we did eventually stumble upon an Italian restaurant and had a pretty decent lunch for £50.00 for two of us. We observed that every bruschetta we order is completely different – is there an Italian Norm for the dish or is it a free for all? I quite like the excitement to see what will arrive.

We then drove up to the campsite and received a very friendly welcome and were shown to our parking spot, right next to the gate marked “Dog Walk”, how perfect was that. We set up camp and tentatively rolled out the awning. The wind was forecast to blow at 22 kn and gusting overnight so it was touch and go whether to use the awning at all. We took the risky route but pegged everything down hard and added the usual extra guy ropes. As it was forecast to rain heavily on Sunday morning, the canopy would help keep the inside of the van dry. We also prefer to cook outside.

The Site Warden told us about a decent 4 mile walk (which turned out to be 3.3 miles) and so we decided to set off while there was still light. Despite the brief instructions we actually managed to find our way around without a map. It was a fine varied walk through woods and across fields only slightly let down by a “Five minute stretch along a road” – you would need to be going it to get along that road stretch in five minutes.

I’m not really sure what the point is of this sign!
Typical Kent Countryside – although we were in East Sussex
There were a lot of deer around.
..and fields
and more fields

There is a pub called “The Boars Head” halfway along the walk which looked like a fine place, but we resisted it.

After a slap up meal in the van we watched a silent film about the Quest being shown live by the Shackleton Museum. Silent films are rather good as you can talk during them!

The awning held up overnight and in the morning I decided to run the route in the torrential rain as a punishment for something I haven’t yet committed.

Wet and bedraggled after my little run. The van in the background.

On my return, I forgot to take a change of clothes when I went for my shower and then accidently emptied my wash bag upside down on the floor whilst trying to find some soap or shampoo that I had left at home. It wasn’t the comforting warm shower that I was dreaming of – but full marks to the campsite for spotless facilities.

Keep up!

After a light lunch and coffee we set off to walk the route yet again with the dog. It had stopped raining and the sun was coming out. It was now my third time around and I was beginning to feel dizzy.

Back home in London by 17:00 with a nicely zonked out dog, that’s how we like it.


  • Distance from South East London is 47 miles and reckoned to take 1 hr 21 minutes driving.
  • Crowborough Camping and Caravanning Club Site, Goldsmith Recreation Ground, Eridge Road, East Sussex TN6 2TN
  • Campsite Phone 01892 664827
  • Cost for two nights about £45.00 for a VW Beach Camper with hook up.
  • Italian Restaurant, Donna Maria, 6 The Broadway, Crowborough, TN6 1DA, United Kingdom. Phone 01892 663124
  • The Boars Head Inn, Boars Head Rd, Boars Head, TN6 3GR Crowborough. Phone 01892 660447 (I haven’t tried this place but it was recommended and has good reviews – I would imagine you would need to book for Sunday Lunch etc. Nice walk to and from the campsite)

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