Norway will be busy!


While I’ll just be pottering in Sumara around the English East Coast, Norway will still be in my thoughts. Charlotte will be taking Pouncer overland from Umea in Sweden to Narvik in Norway to commence the big Russian adventure sailing around the North Cape into the White Sea and through the canal to St Petersburg. Definitely more of that trip later! Tim and Alex with Yacht Thembi and John and Selma with Yacht Brimble will not be joining the Russian adventure but have decided to enjoy the Lofoten Islands en route back from Tromso to Britain. Brimble can be followed on They may well bump into Gareth and Frances in Hal who are heading northwards up to Spitsbergen. They can be followed on So I may just be supping a fine pint in the Butt and Oyster but I could well be thinking of all the wonderful times I’ve had sailing in Norway.

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