John Virtue Sea Paintings

1st March 2015

Eastbourne Towner Gallery

John Virtue's Painting
John Virtue’s Painting
John Virtue's Note Books
John Virtue’s Note Books

One of the reasons the Eastbourne Half Marathon appealed was that there was an exhibition of John Virtue Sea Paintings which I was intrigued to see especially after enjoying the Norwegian Pedar Balke Exhibition at the National Gallery.

John Virtue’s paintings are, like Balke’s,

North Cape by Peder Balke
North Cape by Peder Balke

mono-chrome but much bigger than Balke’s ones. The paintings leave more to your imagination too. Untitled, except for a number, it is possible to visualise various scenes in each painting but they are all very much to do with the movement and power of the sea. They were all based on sketches made during a series of eight mile walks in Norfolk. Well worth a visit!

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