Steyning Stinger – Half Marathon – 2014

2nd March 2014

Group Photo before the Steyning Stinger
Group Photo before the Steyning Stinger

Grit, Pen, Anthony (Alex), Paul and Alasdair

This was the Half Marathon that I had been waiting for. I’ve run it once before and loved it. It is virtually all trials and pretty hilly being based around the South Downs. The first time I ran it, the “Stinger” was pretty dry under foot with just a few muddy patches but today it was quite different with long muddy stretches sometimes up to a foot deep. I went for the mass start at 0900 but you can give your time and start earlier if you prefer to avoid the crowds. Actually you can opt to walk it if you like and set off at 0730.
There was no announcement but we were off! And it was straight into a muddy field that acted like suction pads on your legs. Anthony (Alex) lost his shoe and he certainly wasn’t the only one. The first “Sting” is a bit of a trick as there is a long uphill slog and eventually the brim of the hill and it turns down. Sadly don’t be tricked as the real sting hasn’t even started. Eventually you get onto the top of the downs with easy going and great views. Pen had motored on passed me by now and it wasn’t long before Anthony overtook me. The open running up here suited Anthony and he was soon out of site. There was a biting wind and even running it made me a bit chilly. There again I was only wearing a tee shirt.

At about 9 miles (I think) the path splits and those super-fit lunatics doing the full marathon shoot off to the right while us whimps begin the descent back to base. Here I misjudged a foot placement and twisted my leg but managed to carry on running on it with just a little pain. The 13 mile sign came into view so I tried to gather my reserves for the final sprint only to find a 13.1 mile sign and no sign of the end. That was a bit scary but it wasn’t far around the corner. Sprinting to the finish line in thick mud is a bit of a laugh. Grit had set off early so she was there to greet me with Pen and Alexander.

The times haven’t been posted yet but Pen did it in 2 hours so I must have been 10 minutes behind. The last time I did it in 2 hours 1 minute so I’m either getting less fit or the mud slowed things down.

We went off for the wonderful free breakfast provided by the friendly organisers, had a good natter and headed home. Definitely one for next year.

Group Photo after the Steyning Stinger
Group Photo after the Steyning Stinger


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