Russia and all that

27th July 2013

I had been worried that I had missed my chance to join Charlotte’s adventure through the canal from St Petersburg to the White Sea. John had already set off for Norway and arranged winter berthing. My only chance of joining the trip would be if the whole thing was delayed by a year. I gingerly suggested this to Charlotte having already run the concept past John and Tim. John was pretty easy with the idea and a delay made it more possible for Tim to join with Thembi. Charlotte had wanted to do it next year as it fitted neatly with her plans in Sweden but she also really wanted a little convoy and agreed to let the date slip one year so the canal part of the voyage will now take place in 2015.

It will give me a chance to sort out Sumara in London as she has been wintering in Scotland for two years and tasks are building up. I will then hopefully join the Risor Wooden Boat Festival next year and winter in Norway. It would be good to arrange a big meet up when Charlotte is back in the UK so we can fix up the details.

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