I’m a Professional Semaphore Operator

20th April Chichester Marina.

At last, a sunny weekend to get on with the much delayed maintenance on Sumara. There is ice on the deck but that should burn off soon. Yesterday I got on with “opening up the wounds” by sanding back all the little areas of damage to the varnish so that the patches can have a good build up of coats before one or two full coats get applied.

The reason everything is so late is because my broken arm is still not in full action. I am normally very lucky as it makes no difference to me if I use my left or right hand so I never get tired sanding or varnishing. I simply swop hands. Working with only my left hand is seriously slow. Every hour or so it gets very tired and needs a change of tasks.

I have had to pull out of the Maldon Mud Race on strict doctors orders which is a huge shame. All my general training has gone out the window, I can’t ride a bike or go for a swim but I have started some gentle running again.

When you meet the doctor after a breaking bone they ask you what you do. I said that I could carry out most of my work tasks because they involved mainly sitting at a desk. I’ve since been told that was a bad move as they are liable to repair you quicker if your work depends on your arm. It’s too late now, but next time I going to say I’m a Professional Semaphore Operator. To be fair on the NHS, they have been pretty good and I have loads of physio exercises to do each day so hopefully by the end of the summer I’ll be able to get back to normal.

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  1. Alaistair, Been thinking of you and the team, what a great time I had! Sorry to read about your injury; hope it mends well.

    1. Hi Rick,

      Funnily enough I was wondering how you were only the other day. It must be about a year since the epic Scottish Islands Three Peaks “Race”! I’m just trying to recover some fitness after my broken arm. I’m taking it slowly with the odd lap around the park and tomorrow I’ve promised myself to join in the British Military Fitness Running Club again but I will probably slow them down. I would like to think I will be running up hills again in the autumn. Sumara is now afloat but the riggers were so negative about putting in the mast that I told them to forget it. I will bring in someone with a bit of enthusiasm instead. Have you got any fell runs lined up? Maybe we could plan one together in about 9 months time?

      I hear Dan and Charlotte have got Hestur fully commissioned and will be setting off soon – maybe they are mid Biscay now?

      Better get on.

      All the best,


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