The Ski Club of Great Britain is not going to like this!

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Svarte kindly waxes my skis
Excellent Safety Precautions on this Ice Clad Roof!

16th February 2013

Umea Sweden

Our Ski Marathon is tomorrow and I’m exhausted! Charlotte booked us onto the local Umea Ski Marathon using her very best new found Swedish language skills. It seemed to go pretty well until the Swedish gentleman asked her what club we belong to, explaining that we had to be members of a club to enter. Charlotte said we are from England and the quick reply was “Ah, Ski Club England!. Charlotte decided this was probably the best we could do with her current language skills. Soon the “England” became “Great Britain” and the Local Marathon organisers were by now thrilled to have three competitors come all the way from Britain to represent their nation.
Sadly the Ski Club of Britain isn’t going to be too chuffed when they realise that they are being represented by two bungling beginners and Charlotte (who at least has mastered the style of Cross Country Skiing). Furthermore we are not even members. So I would like to get my apology in now for dragging an esteemed organisation into the gutter.
Talking of gutters, that is why I am a bit knackered as I offered to help Svarte clearing snow from the roof. It was good fun but thank goodness the local health and safety team were not around. Svarte seems to be able to stand on an icy 45 degree roof in his boots with no problem but I found it pretty hard. The work was a “bit shoulders and lower back” and probably not what the doctor ordered prior to the big race day.
After clearing the roof we went curling for a couple of hours and now I see bottles of red wine being placed on the dinner table which may well be too tempting.
To show my total confidence in the big race I will be taking a head torch and belay jacket!
Better get downstairs for some carbs!

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