Brantho Kurrox 3 in 1

My Christmas Preparations – de-rusting the engine block!

As Christmas looms closer and most people are finishing their Christmas shopping or decorating the tree I seem to have decided it is the ideal time to tackle the rust on Sumara’s Kubota engine. Sometimes the saying “If a jobs worth doing it’s worth doing properly” just has to be put aside. There was no way that I was going to take the engine out and get it on a bench so I would have to do the best I could with the engine in situ. In this respect it is not a proper test for this wonder paint – Brantho Kurrox 3 in 1 but it is a realistic one. I normally touch up any rust with some convertor, a bit of metal primer and some Hammerite but I haven’t had the time for the last few years because the boat has been left in Scotland over winter and certain tasks did not happen. The result was a pretty sad looking engine block – cared for internally but a rusty lump externally. This paint looked ideal. It needs no primer or top coat. Just one, two or three coats depending on the harshness of the environment. They recommend it for painting road gritters and give it a 15 year life expectancy with three coats! Furthermore, there is no sanding between coats and it goes on like a dream with total obliteration in one coat.

I prepped the engine by cleaning with Awlgrip T0340 cleaner and a stiff nylon brush. Wiped down with Blue Roll. Followed by a heavy stainless steel wire brush and some chipping away with an old screwdriver. Then a bit more cleaning and more wire brushing until I got bored. Too be honest, I could have carried on for a day or two but actually I spent five hours cleaning and brushing before applying the paint with throw-away budget brushes. I found one small corner where I had failed to clean out properly so I will tackle that in the New Year when she will get a second coat. The paint had a great feeling about it, lovely adhesion and good flow out. It can be applied in -10 C apparently. The soft sheen is fine with me and means no sanding between coats. There is a gloss additive that you can buy but the joy of this paint is you only need one product so there is less waste. 750 ml cost £17.50 but with VAT and delivery it came to £32.40. I bought it from here but it is made in Germany. We will have to wait until next year to see if it lasts (with my slightly sub-standard preparation) but I am very hopeful. And a Merry Christmas was had by all!

Brantho Kurrox on Sump Pan
Brantho Kurrox on Sump Pan December 2013

26th December 2013

Well it is a year on since I repainted the engine and it still looks super smart. However the dripping water pump did cause a bit of rust damage on the starboard side which I will sort out this year. I took off the sump tray and it was also showing some signs of corrosion but this was never treated to the Brantho Kurrox last year. It has now got three lovely coats and a brand new gasket. To stop future corrosion by the stupid leaky pump (which no one knows how to stop it dripping) I have now made a drip tray out of a thermoplastic called Wonderflex. It will divert any drips straight into the bilge. The Brantho Kurrox is the best paint I have used on metal work – tough and easy to apply with no special primers needed. I’ll update next year!

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