Time to sail to Wales

Castletown Harbour

While we were having lunch in Douglas I spotted a wooden mast which needed further inspection. We strolled over to discover another Vertue! It was V25 with Richard Coates sitting in the sun in the cockpit. He kindly invited us on board his beautiful 1949 mahogany on oak Vertue. We chatted for a while and exchanged phone numbers. Jannicke and I never made it to Snaefell as we missed the electric train to get us halfway up. To make up for it we walked out to Calf Sound this morning. A breathtaking coastal path. We have just had a massive lunch in Patchwork Cafe and soon we will row back to Sumara a set off for Wales. Patchwork Cafe is a great find, super friendly, top rate food and good prices. They show films there from time to time.

The winds look a bit variable so I’m not sure when we will arrive in Wales. We have enjoyed the Isle of Man, Castletown looked like a great spot to moor up. The Island would make a great destination for a long cruise around the little ports. Maybe even try a passage through Calf Sound?

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