The Isle of Man

What a friendly place! Everyone is so kind and relaxed.

Yesterday we went to watch the motor bike road racing which looked pretty dangerous. We sat on a gate post at a road corner hoping no one was going to hit the cottage on the corner. It was a 4 mile walk from the boat and we were hungry by the time we left. Alas the Shore Hotel had stopped serving food so we ate a Chinese meal on a bench in the rain. I was really tired by the time we got back to Sumara as I had only had a few hours sleep sailing down.

Sitting on the comfy steam train
Steam Train with Jannicke

This morning we took the lovely steam train into Douglas. That’s how trains should be, with windows you can open and secure with leather belts.

Act Drop Gaiety Theatre

As we were going to Douglas I phoned Seamus Shea from the Gaiety Theatre to see if we could get a look backstage. He was having a half day but very kindly arranged for Ted to show us around.

Corsican Trap in the Gaitey Theatre

The Gaiety has the only working Corsican Trap in the world plus some large bridge lifts salvaged from the Lyceum in Edinburgh. The front of house is by Frank Matcham and is in wonderful condition.

There is an impressive Act Drop and loads of beautiful touches. I liked the pegs for holding the side masking in position – I’ve never seen anything like it before. Simple and effective. I’ll try to put some photos up later. This afternoon we may climb Snaefell, or part of it. There is a mountain train to help us on our way.

The weather looks OK for us to set off on the back of an approaching depression. It should provide a nice northerly airstream so we hope to arrive in Aberystwyth on Saturday .

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