Troon to St Mary’s – Isle of Man

Ailsa Craig – where the granite for curling stones comes from.

It’s Monday mid-day and we have Ailsa Craig ahead on our starboard bow. It is a lovely island. The stone from Ailsa Craig is almost unique in that it does not absorb any water. That is why it is the choice of stone for curling. A set of blue granite curling stones from Ailsa Craig will set you back about £15,000!

The continuous rain overnight has stopped and a gentle north west wind has set in. The sea is completely calm and we are making about 3 kn with Jannicke on the helm. Our destination is the Isle of Man about 100 nm away and all is looking excellent. I’m going to hank on a bigger sail soon and try to extract an extra half knot. I enjoyed Troon, friendly marina staff, good nosh in Scotts and also at the first class fish restaurant by the fishing boat harbour. It should take us about 40 hours to reach the Isle of Man at this rate, but we will see.

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