Yippee, we’ve found a new runner!

Sumara’s New Oars

Once John decided it was really out of the question him partaking in the Race with his chest infection we needed to find a replacement as soon as possible. Tim and Dan did sterling work putting the feelers out and we now have Rick Robson joining the team. Rick is an experienced fell runner although he says he is a bit rusty which sounds perfect as he’ll be running with me. Rick knows the Paps of Jura which could be a help too. We are meeting up with Rick plus Charlotte and Sarah at lunchtime on Thursday.
It’s been all go preparing the Good Ship but we did have time to amuse ourselves with trying out the new oars. I reckon she’ll do about three knots with them!  (Well that didn’t happen! We did eventually get over two knots with these and the small oars) We may even catch up with some of the big boys!

3 responses to “Yippee, we’ve found a new runner!”

  1. Looking forward to pictures and discriptions which I shall contemplate in the pub.

  2. Good luck team. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  3. Sorry about the lack of blog during the event! Thanks for your wishes. It will have to be an apres blog! I won’t say what happened yet.


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