The Trouble with Running in Pairs

Firstly it was me with my twisted knee, but now John’s chest infection has got worse and he is on the anti diabolicals. The trouble with running in pairs is that you have four legs to twist, two backs to play up, and two chests to get infected so your chance of being fighting fit is halved. Then when you run you have different paces. I like going up hill, strange but true, John flies along the flatter bits and leaves me in his wake. That’s normally fine on a half marathon because we just meet at the end but when you have to run in constant contact, one of the pair will slow the other, then visa versa. Our main worry now is if John’s chest doesn’t clear up by next week we will have to think hard about a plan B. And we don’t really have one. I bet it’ll be fine. I went for a run last night with Grit and I suppose we clocked about six miles of varied terrain. I thought it went really well – no knee trouble at all – and plenty of reserve energy. We did some good stretching at the end. Looking forward to another run on Friday.

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