No fulmars even!

We picked up one ship “Italian Reefer” on the AIS passing about 6 miles away and have seen one aeroplane trail in the sky but otherwise it is pretty empty. No fulmars even! Our track is slightly south of course so we don’t get stopped by the lumpy sea. The reefs are still in but it appears the wind is easing a bit so next watch I may shake one out. We are intending to head straight for Tobermory and should arrive on Sunday. Maybe Thembi will be there? Still looks like a SW gale on Sunday so it should be challenging. Gudrun bashed her head against the handrail today, nothing broken but a nasty swelling. I’m glad my boat is so narrow or it could have been more serious. Now I am really looking forward to getting home, going for a walk in the park and meeting friends again and getting back to work.

Sent at 17.35GMT 11th August

One response to “No fulmars even!”

  1. Never have I heard you mention wanting to get back to w*** whilst on Sumi! Hope the gales are not as bad as you predict and that you might just make it in before, if not hove to is a very sensible option under the circumstances. We are all looking forward to having a beer or two with you, continually sending our love, Selma and co

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