Position N63,47.37 x W022,20.27. Wind: All over the place.

We have now successfully rounded the headlands with a following tide. We were late arriving at the northern headland because we had to beat into a westerly instead of wafting along in the forecast north easterly. But the north easterly did eventually arrive and we cleared the northern tip about an hour late. The view across the bay to Snaefellsjokull as the sun set was remarkable. We shot down to the southern end of the headland goosewinged and poled out at 6 kn. The breaking seas and 18 m high swells did not materialise and we cleared the southern tip in relatively calm water. Sadly the wind has dropped right off and we are motoring along the coast. The forecast is for a strong easterly which will force us the beat into Heimaey. We still expect to arrive at these intriguing islands early Saturday morning.

Sent at 05:37 GMT 5th August 2011

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