Sailing Plans. It’s ABC and its ABCBA

I think that is an army expression and apparently it means: It’s All Been Changed and it’s All Been Changed Back Again. Well for Sumara at least. On Sunday I checked the Grib files and the Icelandic Met Office were forecasting 20m/s (Gale force 8) and I felt the conditions would be too strong for Gudrun and I to make it around the headland to Grindavik. There wasn’t a great deal of point being in Grindavik for two or three days waiting for Ray when Gudruns mother lives in the centre of Reykjavik. We will wait in Reykjavik for Ray to arrive on the 3rd and set off on the 4th as per the original schedule. We decided to head off to the interior.

Thembi with the bigger yacht and sea conditioned crew were more up for the challenge and I believe they left to catch the Sunday evening south going tide around Reykjanes peninsular. They were hoping to go to the Westmann Islands but as they had all their crew onboard they would have had the option to run off south with the wind behind them to get below the depression centre and take a westerly back to Scotland. I know it was pretty blowy on the Westmann Islands on Sunday evening so it is very possible they are heading home. They may send me some position details later tonight and I will put them on the blog as soon as I hear. We have really enjoyed sailing with Thembi and will miss them dearly.

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