Thembi overhauls Sumara en route to Reykjavik.

Now I’m sitting in a cosy cafĂ© sheltering from the gale. We moored outside the new concert hall next to Thembi at 02:30 this morning before the wind got up. It was a grand sail but the wind eventually dropped off. There were continuous gale warnings on the VHF so we decided to start up the engine rather than hang around. But would it start? Nope. It would have made a good start to a naff horror movie. In any case after a bit of a prod around the electrics we tried again and it eventually perked up. I think it was just playing a naughty trick on us. A good reminder to make sure you always have a plan B.
I’ve just had a tour of the new concert hall which surely must make the whole trip tax deductible.
I think it cost 260 billion Islandic kroner, a snip.
It is warmer here but the nights are getting dark for a few hours.

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  1. oh glad to hear you are in Rvk safe and sound, – although clearly still suffering from the girly-talk.

    I think I have solved the sail-suit hiccup, but haven’t got a nail-varnish to suit, could you ask Charlotte if she has any that would go with Yellow?

    when is Ray landing in Iceland? – did email him a couple of days ago – he’s not there already? I’m feeling that I’m missing the boat, not being there already!!! panic!

    Anyway I’m bursting on the seams in excitement and anticipation, – and better get my blog properly started. – if anybody is interested to pop on.

    Am picking up “useful bits” for the cooker from Gerry tomorrow.

    1. Hi Gudrun, Ray doesn’t fly out until the evening of the 3rd August. I am afraid I have left everything a bit tight for the return journey so I may try to get the boat to the Vestmann Islands or Grindavik ready for his arrival. Need to check the weather and tides too. I met Owen this morning and Icelandic Jon is visitng this evening. Come down to the boat on Saturday moring if you can and we can discuss plans. Thank for bringing the spare out. Looking forward to catching up. Ha det, Alasdair x

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