Denmark Straight

Position N66,27.868 x W025,54.99. Dense Fog
Sadly we have decided to abandon our attempt to get to Greenland. A grib weather file was
showing really strong winds approaching the area of coast that we proposed to try to make landfall. As it was by no means certain that the ice would have cleared enough to gain shelter it would have put us at risk of being amongst ice in a gale. A later grib file showed an improved situation but our Ice Charts were giving us a lot of ice to the north. It was all looking too dodgy. The good news is that Thembi have just encountered their first bergy bits and we are in hot pursuit. The fog here is very dense so we are creeping along very slowly.
After we have had a mooch around we will run off to Iceland, probably Olafsvik or maybe Patreksfjord. We cant afford to hang around too long or we will end up beating into quite strong headwinds. There is talk of another “Hill Walk” and I see Snaefellsjokull is 1446m high.

Stop Press: Here comes the ice!

Sent at 11.57GMT on 20th July 2011

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