Today is the Official Birthday of Jacobus Halsall

Position N66,26 x W023,10 Wind N F3

16th July 2010

The Captain and Crew of the Good Ship  Sumara and the Good Ship Thembi and the Good Ship Aurora would like to take this opportunity to wish Jack Halsall a very Happy Birthday. As you are all aware Jack is the Expeditions Official Model Maker and without his splendid model of the Mighty Beerenberg we may well have climbed the wrong mountain. We are deeply indebted to Jack and his fine craftsmanship.

Sumara has just rounded Straumnes Light and entered Isafjardhardjup. Thembi passed the same point at about 18:00 yesterday and they should have moored up late last night or early this morning. Aurora should be there too. We have about 25 nm to go. It is very pleasant here, much warmer than any day since we left the Faeroes, and we have some spectacular scenery to watch as we glide up the fjord. We have seen our first boats and our first puffin since leaving Jan Mayen.

The ice is still blocking the coast of Greenland but it is clearing close to Nansen Fjord.
Hopefully the situation will improve by the time we get there.

Sent at 12:30 GMT 16th July 2010

3 responses to “Today is the Official Birthday of Jacobus Halsall”

  1. Hope you have found Sjallinn Pub – although I got a bit worried when I saw the name, as I did some interior design for Sjallinn Pub at AKUREYRI about 25 years ago! and wandered if you were lost!!!

    hope you get to Greenland as well!!!! following in antisipation.

  2. John ans Selma avatar
    John ans Selma

    That is so cool that everyone knows it is my birthday – thanks everyone love Jacobus

    1. I hope they all sent you loads of presents! Looking forward to seeing you at the “Classics”. Love Alasdair

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