The Latest Cunning Plan

N68,41 x W014,34. Calm
Now we are motoring through a slight sea and I’ve been thinking!
We certainly haven’t given up on Greenland yet. It was always going to be the icing on the cake but I’m rather found of icing. So the latest rouse is as follows: We arrive in Isafjordur on 16th July. John has to catch a flight from Reykjavik on the 21st so he will get an internal flight to the main airport. Hopefully Thembi will arrive in Isafjordur too. Maybe Sarah will be there too? Sounds like a party. If Sumara (and Thembi?) both leave by the 19th and head for Kangerlussuaq which is only 240nm away it should take us about three days to get there. If the ice is still too thick then we will just have to turn back but hopefully we will be able to get to an anchorage recommended by Siggi and used by Suhali for the Bonnington/Knox Johnston expedition. The fjord is generally heavily iced up but this anchorage is protected by small islets and reefs which stop the icebergs getting in. It is meant to be an amazing place. We would have to leave on the 25th (maybe 26th) to ensure Charlotte gets her flight from Iceland.

I think it is a plan and I think it is a good plan!

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