We are underway

Position N70,22.86 x W009,21.67
A quick update while conditions remain moderate. Sumara left Jan Mayen at 1630 yesterday and Thembi left a little before. Sarah is now on Aurora and Charlotte is with Sumara. Sarah’s puffin is still on Sumara but we will look after her. The forecast isn’t
great with strong south westerlies forecast for this evening. We are hard on the
wind making 3 kts but tracking 308m. That gives us a VMG of 2.4kts to Kulusuk
which is a long 690 miles away. We will plug away as best we can. Tonight will
probably be too rough to report in so I’ll update in a few days.

Sent at 12.17GMT 11th July 2011

One response to “We are underway”

  1. but are you dry yet? dont like the thought of you all wet amongs the iceburgs aproaching Greenland !!!

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