Off Towards Greenland

Position N70,58.16 x W008,41.29
Now I’m sitting on Sumara with John, Tim and Sarah discussing plans for a quick departure. Our Charlotte is off sailing on Aurora for a day trip with some people from the Main Command Station. The grib weather data doesn’t look too good as far as wind direction goes so it will be a pretty tough sail. A depression is building off the Greenland coast which may cause concern later. We propose to leave in a few hours at around 14.00 and beat as best we can with the North Coast of Iceland as an option for lee or a short stop if needs be. Sarah will transfer to Aurora on their return. She has been wonderful crew on Sumara so we shall miss her. If it is rough and wet we may not update the blog for a while to ensure delicate equipment doesn’t get trashed. If we can’t get through the ice then we will end up in Iceland.
Last night we were entertained on Aurora by Siggi and his father Jon to a splendid feast of salt cod curry and an out of this world rhubarb pie with cream. It was brilliant. They have really looked after us well on the mountain and at anchor. Charlotte and Stuart took a walk to base station where Charlotte had a beer in the outdoor hot tub! They bought us presents of Beerenberg Badges (on Dan’s Credit Card!).
We will miss Jan Mayen, it is a very special place.

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  1. barbara peffers avatar
    barbara peffers

    Hello Alasdair,
    Charlotte’s mother here,
    I want top tell you how much we are appreciating the blog. I’s great to get the almost day to day news.
    Our news is that we have a new healthy grand daughter Decca Douglas Watters and a neice for Charlotte. Father and mother doing well! She has lots of black long hair.- Born the day of your climb.
    I’d be very pleased if tyou would pass on the details to Charlotte.
    We were very excited to hear of you all reaching the summit of Beerenberg.
    Best wishhes to both crews. We hope you reach the Greenland shores and all come safely back. Well done you all.
    Barbara Peffers and Sandy Watters xx

  2. John ans Selma avatar
    John ans Selma

    Have sent you an e mail regarding changing John’s flights, see from the above that you might not be hooking up to the sat phone any time soon. Will hold off until Wed 13th to change flights in case you want to delay by a day to give you a better chance of making the south of Greenland instead of Scorsby. It goes without saying how proud we are all here reading the blog and thinking of you all. Continued safe sailing…

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