Position N65,08 x W006,57.

It is 1845 and it is curry night. I asked John what type of curry and he said “a nice curry”. We are sailing at 5 kn bang on course through a calm sea with a little bit of sunshine. Soon we will make up time as the grib files (digital compressed weather information for sat phones) point to good south winds of 10-20 kn for the next 36 hours. After that the wind looks like it will slacken off a bit. Just about perfect, no it is perfect!

PS. Just received email from Thembi. All is fine. Thembi Position is 65.22N x 007.40W. Just out of radio range ahead of Sumara.

Sent at 19.06 GMT on 1st July 2011

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  1. We are following the winds on passage weather, all looks good here from our guestimate as to where you are. Fair winds to you all xoxoxo

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