Not a Good Day for Sailing

The View from Half Way Up

We woke to creaking lines, howling rigging and a harbour full of white horses and decided to stay put but use the time to climb the Faroes highest hill – Slattaratindur at 882 m. As we didn’t have a map we decided to seek local advice. The girl in the supermarket said there are no paths, no cairns and its raining hard so don’t go. We asked her to point to the relevant hill which she kindly did. We thanked her and set off. I always like to seek out local advice. Not knowing any better we just clambered up past a reservoir and aimed for a steep gully to get us beyond a rocky ridge. It was blowing a full gale and was cold and wet with it. We stopped about ¾ of the way up for a bite to eat and slipped on our toasty belay jackets – brilliant things, light and super warm. We set off again to get to the top when, low and behold, we stumbled on a path! So there was a path after all. The summit affords views over the whole of the Faroes but not today, just mist and clouds sweeping by.
As we had now found the path the descent was quick and easy and now we are back onboard eating the worlds biggest sausage.
Tomorrow Sumara hopes to set sail north to Jan Mayen and Thembi will probably leave Toshavn for Eidi. We have just received a message from Thembi saying they had a bit of a night with Captain Birgir Enni from the Nordlys!

John being blown around on top of the hill
John points to the gully we climbed on the way up
Eidi Harbour where Sumara sheltered from the winds
Keeping Warm with a Rab Belay Jacket

6 responses to “Not a Good Day for Sailing”

  1. John ans Selma avatar
    John ans Selma

    Looks like you almost lost the crew before setting off, looks a tad windy for my liking!

  2. John ans Selma avatar
    John ans Selma

    Are you able to post any videos or is that too difficult via sat phone? Perhaps a treat for when you get home…

    1. I think videos may be a bit beyond me but we have taken lots of them. Johns just making coffee, he is very good around the boat. He must be wonderful helping you around the house.

  3. Alasdair has kindly ommitted the fact that I didn’t join the dynamic duo on their climb to the summit. Upon watching the two of them dress in mountainering gear which included Scarpa ‘up’ boots (not sure where the coming down boots were hidden), full gortex tops & bottoms, walking sticks and half a kilo of Haribo sweets I decided to instead hitch my way to Rulvalik to go shopping – a bottle of Spain’s finest rioja to drink with our mighty supper!

    1. John ans Selma avatar
      John ans Selma

      Sounds like Sarah is the sensible one there, love shopping, love rioja too. Well done Sarah.

  4. John ans Selma avatar
    John ans Selma

    Dad, you don’t look very stong in that windy photo. Love you, miss you, Ella

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