John has Arrived Safely

John flew in last night just in time to join us all having a grand curry on Thembi. Now the crew is all assembled (apart from Charlotte who is arriving in Jan Mayen on the Icelandic boat) we will have a big meeting this evening to finalise plans. The Thembi crew are off on a bus ride around the islands today while Sumara is doing the fresh provisioning, filling with water and diesel etc. Sumara will probably head off tomorrow to catch slack water at 20:15 in the narrows between the island. We need to get the timing dead right because the tide rips through at 12 knots either side of slack water! We will then moor in the little harbour of Eidi while we wait for perfect tidal conditions before heading off north to Jan Mayen. Thembi will probably follow a day later as she is a faster yacht. The ice conditions in Scoresbysund are not good yet but they are improving. I have attached the latest ice chart received over satellite phone.

Latest Ice Chart received over Satellite Phone

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