Faroese Fishing Boats

Faroese Boat with Ships Bridge!

The small fishing boats here are very distinctive. You can see their Viking routes. They seem perfectly at home in the rough water around the island pulling up cod.

Strangely the owners like to make the cabins look rather like big ship bridges with a series of small windows which seem to be in the wrong scale. Each one is different and they are certainly more fun to look at than those patio door fishing boats which are popular in England and France.

A boat of Fine Character

2 responses to “Faroese Fishing Boats”

  1. Hi A & S

    Got back safe and sound and had long sleep. Thanks to you both for a great time. I leart a lot about both sailing and myself. My thoughts are with you. I am sure all will go well with a few adventures thrown in along the way. Really looking forward to seeing you all again when you will have all achieved something remarlable.

    Good Luck and savour every minute.


  2. Exactly what did you learn?!

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