Mange Gaver – Loads of Presents

It is amazing how many little presents we have received on this trip. I am going to do a dangerous thing and list them but I am sure I will forget something so apologies just in case.

A kind gentleman at Dunstaffnage gave us a book about Ming Ming, a small boat which sailed around Jan Mayen.

Trish from Orla sent me those amazing images of Sumara in the huricane at Dunstaffnage.

The family from Hollandia gave us some great strawberry and maple sweets to eat on the mountain. Sadly they didn’t get that far. Far too tasty. They were beautifully wrapped as in the picture.

I learnt a lesson from a three year old girl, Lotte (Jannicke and Torstens daughter), she will burst into tears if a present isn’t wrapped properly. To her, the fun is the present and the actual unwrapping rather than the present itself.

Jannicke made some shortbread from a flour beginning with K. Very yummy, they didn’t last long either!

Torsten bought the ship a bottle of Laphroaig which I am proud to say is still half full. He also gave the ship some IKEA bread mix which you just add water to and shake then bake. Sounds perfect.

Peter bought the ship a bottle of champagne to be used for celebration on Jan Mayen.

Richard at work brought back two bottles of rum from his honeymoon in Cuba. Very good they are too.
It’s beginning to sound all very alcoholic but actually the ship is a dry boat at sea, from an alcohol point of view.

Alice and Fran gave me FOUR books! I’m reading the Northern Lights at the moment – I hope it doesn’t get too dark.

Sarah and her mother made up some ships towels with Velcro on the ends. They are a triumph and I know it was a struggle to make them as their sewing machine broke down.

Josefin gave us a packet of Hemp Protein Powder to add to our muesli. Tastes good.

Lecky gave us a package of interesting Thai food to eat on the mountain. Sadly the Sesame biscuits got scoffed one night watch.

Samantha gave us a packet of ginger biscuits which hardly got out of Oban.

Bound to have forgotten something and this doesn’t include all those people who have helped with advice and technical things. They will need a special mention later.

Thanks everyone.

and I forgot

Kevin and Rosemarys bottle of Jamesons giving to me as I loaded the trailer outside my flat.

Grit’s Tobermory mug which had to remain in Dunstaffnage with all the other ones as I had to save weight and go for plastic ones. Next year it will be used again.

Better get on with our task list now.

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