N60,50.48 x W005,09.32. Wind NNE F3-4. Sunny!

N60,50.48 x W005,09.32. Wind NNE F3-4. Sunny!

The wind built up to force 5 yesterday with a lumpy sea. We ended up with two reefs and a reefed yankee
still making 6 knots. We have been banking a lot of east as the wind is forecast
to change to a northerly but fingers crossed it hasn’t backed yet. Curry supper
was delayed until 03:00 so breakfast will become brunch at about 11:00. Peter and
Sarah are snugged up in bed (no Mara, not together) having a well earned
Currently we are making 5 kn with all sails and have 78 nm to go before
reaching Torshavn approach. There is a viscous whirlpool to the south of the
Faroes called Monks Rock and we are on spring tides and are keen not to get
swept towards it.

(Sent by email via Satellite Phone. Received at 10.22 on 18/16/2011. Posted by Gerry)

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  1. Hello Captain Flint – I have a fantastic 18th century sea chart of the Faroes at present I am working – very good impression. John has finally tied the knot – fantastic news and has a missus now and a gold band on his finger – who would have thought it! He is on honeymoon so I am catsitting Bob the cat and John’s gaff is not unlike a ditsy boat it is creaking a little he is not keen on DIY. I had a rum last night and thought of the sea, so wishing you all well to Jan Mayen – it is always odd knowing people are on a boat at sea with all the weather living it whilst others are on land chasing their tales. Keep your weather eye open. Good luck folks!x

  2. Hi Darby, Love to see a picture of the chart. Can you email a picture to alasdair@flints.co.uk and I’ll see if I can put it on the blog (if thats allowed?). Take care, Alasdair

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