Underway 09.15 GMT Friday 17th June

N59 x W005. Abeam the Rock of Rona. Easterley F4 We left Ullapool at 1400 Thursday 16th June and beat into a light wind and a foul tide. We knew it wasn’t the perfect time to leave tide wise but were eager to get underway. The wind died soon after and we motored past the Summer Isles. At 23:30 a light southerly kicked in and we were sailing again. Now the picked has picked p a backed to be F4 easterly. We are currently making 6 kn and putting some east in the bank as the wind is due to back further.

The sun is out!
Thembi are due to set sail on Sunday. John will fly to the Faroes to join us for the final preparations and training before heading north.

(Uploaded by Gerry)

2 responses to “Underway 09.15 GMT Friday 17th June”

  1. Good to know you are on your way safely and we will be following your journey. The volcano looks exciting.

    Safe sailing,

    (Tim’s daughter Megan’s friend)

  2. Hi Barnaby,
    We have safely arrived in the Faeroes, Thembi set off on Sunday so we should meet Tim and Crew on Wednesday or Thursday. Good to hear that you are following the adventure.

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