Portree to Ullapool via Acairseid Mor, Rona

Ullapool. NW 5-7, Raining.
We had a pleasant morning in Portree. A lovely Finnish double ender picked up a buoy near us. I had a feeling these were very experienced sailors who knew what they were doing. The boat was called “Feshie of Caladh” and was owned by Malcolm and Moyra Stewart. We had a little chat.

I went for a long run and was surprised how easy it went. It was a bit annoying because when I finished and went to the excellent swimming pool for a shower and swim I realised there was a half marathon in progress which would have been a real treat to enter. We set off after lunch to go to the rocky anchorage of Acairseid Mor. After a few hours of gentle beating we pottered in carefully between the rocks and anchored in 9 m. We ate onboard and it was soon late. There was no wind in the morning so we motored off but the forecast wasn’t good so we were sure the wind would come along soon. Isn’t it strange how you sail twenty miles north and twenty miles east and beat all the way! We arrived in Ullapool at 03:12GMT Monday morning after a hard beat into force 6. We picked up one of the seven vacant visitors buoys (out of eight). We are waiting for the wind to moderate before rowing ashore. It will be good practice for Jan Mayen.

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  1. Malcolm and Moyra avatar
    Malcolm and Moyra

    Read your log with interest will coninue reading our adventures Have good photo of you preparing for sea in Portree will send when able All luck for your adventures in the north We are wandering on mainland shore: in Torridon at present
    Malcolm and Moyra

  2. Hi Malcom and Moyra, Thanks for your comment and I look forward to receiving the photo. Have a nice summer! Alasdair

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