Ardnamurchan and Kyle Rhea

Torsten with a bit of a sea running

Portree. Still sunny and light SW wind.
We stayed for a day in Tobermory because there was very little wind. The following morning it blew old boots from the west and we had to beat into a rough sea for four hours before finally clearing ‘ard n murcky point. Once we came off the wind Sumara romped along in the strong wind towards the Sound of Sleat. We abandoned the idea of going to Britain’s remotest pub at Inverie because of a forecast for a Southerly Gale and the mooring there may have been exposed. Instead we anchored at Isleornsay in 5 m. The day had been sunny but just as the anchor bit there was a huge downpour which we sneakily missed. Today we caught the north going stream in Kyle Rhea at 07:00 GMT and were surprised to see a yacht heading south along the shore. After it passed us we noticed it was being swept westwards towards some rocks which it eventually hit and was stuck fast for fifteen minutes before seemingly freeing itself. The water there was teaming with life – seals, fish and birds and we thought something bigger and altogether more exciting.

After debating going to Pluckton, we finally opted for Portree where we are now moored. I’m still have a few engine concerns as I noticed fumes coming from a breather pipe. I phoned Jim at Dunstaffnage who suggested it is probably not too serious and that by clipping the breather pipe near to the engine air intake should solve the fume problem. I’ll keep a check on it.

It is going to be an early night tonight as tomorrow I need to get back into some serious training.

4 responses to “Ardnamurchan and Kyle Rhea”

  1. Good to see your news. Boat looks good. You are all well able to cope with any problems. Good luck. Terry

  2. Thanks Terry, we are just on our way to Ullapool after a lovely quiet night anchored in Rona. I am sure the success of the trip will be mainly due to your fantastic workmanship which is admired everywhere. Looking forward to a night in Mupe next year. All the best, Alasdair

  3. Looking forward to seeing you very soon Captain Flint. Should be with you on Wed around 1600hrs…xx

  4. Looking forward to seeing the updates. Good luck all and keep safe. xx

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