Saving Weight

Dunstaffnage. Light westerley, overcast but pleasant.

Everything takes a bit longer on a boat. I set off for my long Sunday run at 8.30. It wasn’t too long, just around the cliffs to Oban and back. By the time I had my shower and brewed up some coffee it was 11am. Sumara is basically full up, and she is down on her waterline. Peter and Torsten will arrive on Tuesday so I need to get off some weight and create some space. The table which I made from timber from the Phoenix Theatre stage floor just had to go. We can eat off our laps and it will save a few kilos. The glass tumblers have been replaced with plastic, all my cotton clothes have been replaced with merino and technical stuff. I have changed my old 9.6v Makita drill for a small and light 10.6v lithium iron version. The box has been replaced with Tupperware. The drills over 11mm have gone (they won’t fit the chuck) and the steel drill box has been replaced with a Klein zipper bag with fits in the Tupperware box. Half the size, half the weight and twice the power. Perfect. I would post a picture but alas this little notebook hasn’t a program to reduce image sizes to make them uploadable. Pretty dull picture in any case. (OK, now I have posted it!)

My super compact drill, charger and all the bits in a little Tupperware box

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  1. […] Space is always at a premium on a small boat so I generally throw away those massively oversized blown plastic boxes that socket sets and cordless drills arrive in. My complete 1/2″ drive socket set fits in a little Klein Zipper bag and my cordless drill and its bits looks like this: […]

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