Over 70 knots at Dunstaffnage

Here are a couple of amazing pictures taken last week when one boat was registering well over 70 knots of wind. It’s a good job the cover was well made!
No damage to the boat thanks to the marina staff who rose to the challenge.

Sumara is on the left of the cream coloured Fisher, virtually covered by the wave. The other picture shows Sumara side on taking the blast in her stride! I seem to have repeated the pictures. It’s fair to say I’ve no idea what I’m doing.

Sumara under the green cover at Dunstaffnage Marina
Sumara is under the wave on the left!
Sumara on the left

4 responses to “Over 70 knots at Dunstaffnage”

  1. Bless her – just the sea’s way of training her up for the trip!

    1. But why train her for bad weather when it will be sunny with a gentle breeze on the beam all the way?

  2. At least your batteries will be fully charged with your wind turbine in 7o knots!
    Tarik says hello too, and good fishing!

  3. Well done, my essay was a real success among tutors. I am so satisfied with your work.

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