Torsten in Aberystwyth

How nice it was to bump into Torsten during our visit to the National Library of Wales! Torsten is, of course, one of the worlds experts regarding sea bed geology. There can hardly be a sand or mud bank along the east coast that Torsten doesn’t know intimately.

I remember sailing from Ramsgate to Dover in dense fog when the dedicated Torsten decided to spend six hours studying Brake Sand in preference to joining us for a beer in Dover.

Torsten Looking Very Smart!

2 Responses to “Torsten in Aberystwyth”

  1. torsten Says:

    Not a bit like me – I have more hair!
    Re. Brake bank: First, being on a bank is safer than in a channel durin fog – no shipping! Second, I had an opportunity to scrub the bottom, and beat you next day across the channel by miles 😉

  2. Alasdair Says:

    Hi Torsten, Excellent points! I shall try heading for the sand banks next time I get caught out in fog. Does it work with rocks too? As for beating me across the channel, it’s a fair cop, you thrashed us. Who won the crazy golf though? Alasdair

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