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I’m a professional semaphore operator

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

20th April Chichester Marina.

At last, a sunny weekend to get on with the much delayed maintenance on Sumara. There is ice on the deck but that should burn off soon. Yesterday I got on with “opening up the wounds” by sanding back all the little areas of damage to the varnish so that the patches can have a good build up of coats before one or two full coats get applied.

The reason everything is so late is because my broken arm is still not in full action. I am normally very lucky as it makes no difference to me if I use my left or right hand so I never get tired sanding or varnishing. I simply swop hands. Working with only my left hand is seriously slow. Every hour or so it gets very tired and needs a change of tasks.

I have had to pull out of the Maldon Mud Race on strict doctors orders which is a huge shame. All my general training has gone out the window, I can’t ride a bike or go for a swim but I have started some gentle running again.

When you meet the doctor after a breaking bone they ask you what you do. I said that I could carry out most of my work tasks because they involved mainly sitting at a desk. I’ve since been told that was a bad move as they are liable to repair you quicker if your work depends on your arm. Its too late now, but next time I going to say I’m a professional semaphore operator. To be fair on the NHS, they have been pretty good and I have loads of physio excersises to do each day so hopefully by the end of the summer I’ll be able to get back to normal.